“I sometimes ask people what they think Jesus’ last name was. Usually they reply along the lines of, “I guess his last name was ‘Christ’ but I am not sure”. Then I ask, “If that was the case then when Jesus was a little boy did Joseph Christ and Mary Christ take little Jesus Christ to the market?” Put that way, they realize that ‘Christ’ is not Jesus’ last name. So, what is ‘Christ’?”

“English ‘Christ’ is a very specific title with Old Testament roots, derived by translation from Hebrew to Greek, and then transliteration from Greek to English.” “‘Christ’=’Messiah’=’Anointed One’” Quoted from  https://considerthegospel.org/tag/what-was-jesus-last-name/  

Introduction to Author:

Bear Yarbrough is the author of our Week #3 devotionals.  

Bear came to saving faith in Jesus Christ as a child. He was called to vocational ministry as a teenager, and studied at Liberty University where he received a B.S. in Youth Ministries and then a M.A. in Intercultural Studies. Vanessa and Bear were married in October of 2009; then served at Westgate Alliance Church as the Pastor of Student Ministries and Missions Mobilization for 6 years before God released them to complete a 2½-year apprenticeship with the Alliance in Mexico City. They were confirmed as IWs in June 2018; currently, they are in the process of planting Iglesia Cristiana Coram Deo, with Mexican nationals, in Mexico City. They have 3 children: Belle, Merida, and Maximus.  

Prayer Requests: Pray that God would give Bear & Vanessa wisdom as they minister cross-culturally in Mexico City with urban professionals.   Pray that God would give Bear & Vanessa people of peace who will open their lives to them and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Pray that God would gather many people around Bear & Vanessa whom they can disciple to have the character and competencies of Jesus.