Introduction to Author:

Aaron Haight is the author of our Week #2 devotionals. 

Aaron currently lives in Ottawa with his wife, Laura, and their two children, Jesse and Lina. Aaron has many interests, and over the past few years has worked as a worship pastor (at Westgate), salesman, farmer, law student, and currently, as a law clerk/articling student at the Supreme Court of Canada. Aaron enjoyed working on these devotionals because they reminded him of how God weaves together all of history to accomplish His purposes. In his own life, Aaron is curious to see how God continues to weave together his various interests, skills and passions to bring glory to Him.

 Prayer Requests: As you pray this holiday season, remember Aaron and his family as they live in an unfamiliar setting. Aaron’s work at the Court is quite demanding and he longs for God’s wisdom and insight into how to best organize his time to balance his faith, family, friendships, and leisure. Aaron and Laura also desire to love their friends and neighbours well, and to see them take steps of faith towards Jesus. Pray for opportunities to make Jesus known, and for the Holy Spirit to give them the words and actions best suited for each situation. Ask God to refresh their souls and to give them a greater awareness of His presence and of the Holy Spirit’s voice. Finally, pray that God would protect them from the attacks of the evil one, who seeks to discourage them and bring harm to their home and lives.